The Girl Scout Product Sale helps girls develop 5 skills essential to building a lifetime of skills and confidence.

E-Nuts +

Welcome to E-Nuts +, the Trophy Nut online product program for Girl Scouts. If your council is participating in this program, you should have been given a council code that will give you access into the system and instructions on how to enter your email addresses.

The E-Nuts + program is designed for Girl Scouts to reach out-of- town family and friends to gain their support of their product sale. E-mails are sent inviting family and friends to go, via a secured link, to the Trophy Nut private E-Nuts + site to order all of the 25 Girl Scout products, along with additional holiday and gift items. Family and friends place their order online, pay a shipping/handling fee, and the selected products are shipped to their designated mailing addresses. You and your troop will receive all proceeds and recognitions associated with the purchase. You will be notified of each purchase and given the opportunity to send a thank you message.

If this is your first time at E-Nuts + and you have not previously enrolled, use the box below to enter the code provided by your Council. If you have previously enrolled, leave the box blank and skip to the Login step below.


If you have already registered, please enter your user id and password below to log in. Your login will be a set numbers followed by a dash followed by more numbers:

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